We're hiring

System Engineer

What you’ll do

As a system engineer at SettleMint, you will be responsible for the operational side of the Blockchain space. Your responsibilities will focus on the deployment and scaling of our blockchain applications (Docker/Node) and infrastructure (AWS/Ansible) with an unusual twist of blockchain technologies (Ethereum, HyperLedger, Multichain, BigchainDB…) added to the mix. Your interests however go beyond just the operations, you are glad to explore these blockchain technologies to figure out how they work and how they can be applied.

What you’ll need
  • You have a strong computer science background;
  • You have experience in infrastructure automation (Ansible is preferred, but experience with other tools translates easily);
  • You have a broad knowledge of a myriad of programming languages (Javascript, Python…) and tools in use (NodeJS, ReactJS…);
  • You have heard about blockchain and at least went through the first few chapters of O'Reilly's Mastering Bitcoin book;
  • You combine an analytical mind with creative thinking;
  • You work efficient, accurate and pay close attention to detail;
  • You have a passion for innovation and like to think big;
  • Our operating language is English, so English should come naturally to you.
What we offer
  • A beautiful working spot in Leuven in the [email protected] offices;
  • A pay stub and benefits competitive in the market;
  • A lot of autonomy and a flexible way of working;
  • A small team where you can make your mark.

So, what's more to say, just come and visit us and we'll discuss it all! Shoot us an email at [email protected] with some sort of CV, and we'll meet soon!

ps. a GitHub profile or a blogpost trumps anything else. Don't be shy!