Minting a secure &
immutable future

Your connection to the blockchain space

Mint: a modular middleware

Blockchain agnostic

Connect to all leading blockchain vendors like Multichain, BigchainDB, Ethereum, Bitcoin...

Always up to date

Updated to follow the high rate of innovation and standardisation of the community

Mix & match

Business usecases are encapsulated in reusable modules, fit for your industry

Leveraging SettleMint

A solution for every business

Registration & authentication

Securely store and validate documents on a distributed ledger

Immutable provenance tracking

Track goods, parts or sensitive items from source to destination

Know Your Customer & Know Your Business

Securely share KYC/KYB information reducing costs while enhancing customers experience

Digital voting

Optimise electoral processes, corporate governance processes and proxy voting

Audit trail

Tamper-proof, time-stamped and immutable audit trails

We're hiring

Join us in building an immutable future

We are located in the [email protected] accelerator office just next to the Leuven train station.

Full Stack Javascript Engineer

Building high quality, beautiful, user centric applications using React & Node; with an eye for design & a keen interest in blockchain technology.

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System Engineer

Automating the deployment and scaling of our blockchain applications (Docker/Node) and infrastructure (AWS/Ansible) with an unusual twist of blockchain technologies (Ethereum, HyperLedger, Multichain, BigchainDB…) added to the mix.

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