Mint for Energy

Providing Energy Industry players with the required components to bring their ideas for the next generation of energy markets to life today.



Jumpstart your energy blockchain usecase

  • Seamless integration

    With Mint for Energy, your internal development teams can connect and set up your brand new idea to energy blockchain usecase quickly and independently, without having to deal with the complexities of the technology.

  • Smart Contract Library

    The Mint for Energy smart contract library ensures that you remain fully sovereign of your blockchain-based solution while maximally benefitting from best practices and SettleMint's blockchain experience.

  • Energy Web Foundation

    EWF compatible

    Our functionality clusters contain a broad range of Energy Web Foundation compatible functionalities like energy origin certificates, provenance tracking, identity management, Energy exchange and tokenisation of energy.

What can it do?

A few common use cases enabled by Mint for Energy

Energy Certificates of Origin

Exchange transferable certificates that are immutably attached to the units of energy they produce or consume. Track down the energy they trade and prove or verify it is compliant with different types of energy requirements you manage in your application.

Energy Marketplace

Improve access to energy efficiency & load-altering mechanisms by giving them access to a marketplace for Distributed Energy Resources. Prosumers will be able to exchange their surplus of energy whereas consumers will be able to monitor their consumption closely.

Energy Tokenisation

Create greater social value and support bottom-up transition toward a cleaner, robust, more efficient and transparent energy market. Keep control of the token economics while having access to the best practices for token generation, management and exchange.


Connect local electricity sources to your P2P platform and give communities what they need to exchange off-grid energy. Using blockchain technology you gain the unique possibility to process micro-transactions regardless of the quantity.


Build upon these best of breed components to bring your energy use cases to life.

  • Energy Web Foundation

    Connect to Tobalaba

    Connect and deploy to the Energy Web Foundations Tobalaba network and enter the world's largest open-source blockchain energy ecosystem. This will give you the unique opportunity to experiment on the blockchain, benefit from their fast, light and advanced network without the integration complexity.

  • Enhanced smart contracts

    Leveraging the developer friendly REST APIs to interact with the smart contracts, query the data in the system and connect the contracts with the outside world by leveraging the oracle and event webhook systems.

  • Role based permissions

    Using the role based permission sytem in the smart contract template library, combined with the secret contracts feature in the Parity blockchain client powering Tobalaba, it becomes possible to implement granular access rights and private agreements on chain.

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