We make it easy for IT teams to build and integrate Blockchain applications.

Hard To Implement?

Decentralised technologies including blockchains, distributed ledgers and decentralised file storage systems can be classified as being “hard to implement” without a significant investment in a strong internal center of excellence.

Often we are in contact with organisations that have invested in building the capabilities internally to work with these technologies, allocating their top engineers for a year or two in R&D and despite this commitment, they have not been able to integrate these technologies into production applications. Overcoming the technical challenges to launch enterprise-grade production applications is exactly what the Mint distributed middleware does.

Mint, SettleMint’s core product is a licensed software solution that interfaces with several blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (e.g. Ethereum) and relevant adjacent technologies (like IPFS) providing an abstraction layer for the internal IT teams of our clients to work with. With Mint, engineers that are not specialised in decentralised technologies are able to quickly and easily integrate blockchain and adjacent technologies into existing systems and applications.

Not when using Mint!

Mint is built up in several layers that solve the many technical challenges enterprise developers face with decentralised technologies in a fraction of the time and investment this typically requires.

  • Level 1: Template library

    This library contains the base contracts (Gatekeeper) to secure your system providing a full-feature, role-based authentication system. Fully integrated with this is a selection of tokenisation contracts. Supporting fungible tokens (ERC20), non-fungible tokens (ERC721) and partially fungible tokens (ERC1410). These tokens can be combined with the token curated registry contracts included in the library. Another very important core component of the library is the finite state machine. A finite state machine (FSM) is a concept to model any type of object that can change from one state to another in response to external inputs or by transactions. Governing these state transitions is based on your custom ruleset for the use case. Last but not least, the building blocks for upgradable smart contracts are also included in the library. This allows developers to create systems that can evolve over time in response to changes in environment, regulations and business objectives.

  • Level 2: dAPI

    A revolutionary module in this level is the zero-configuration REST API. This component of Mint reads into the smart contracts deployed, and without any configuration, constructs an API so that developers can interact with these contracts on an application level. Additionally, the dAPI layer contains a complete and performant blockchain indexer. Furthermore, the dAPI layer keeps a database clone of all data stored in the smart contract system for easy querying, exposed via the REST API for developers. This level also interacts with IPFS and in this mirror component, transparently marries the data from the smart contracts with the data in stored in IPFS. Webhooks tie this layer into external systems with ease.

  • Level 3: dAPP

    On top of the dAPI, and using the capabilities of the dAPI, an administration UI is provided. This administration UI allows administrators to, configure blockchain users and roles, create, issue and distribute tokens to users and defined user groups, create, transition and control finite state machines and interact with all contracts in the smart contract system, with zero configuration required. This administration UI also provides administrators with a dashboard for complete oversight of the usage of the smart contract system and a block explorer to query the usage of the smart contract system on event, user, date, etc level.


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