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What is our distributed middleware Mint?

Mint accelerates the implementation of Blockchain usecases by abstracting away the hurdles of the technology for your developers.

While Blockchain is viewed as an innovative technology, it has largely remained at the level of the so called “proof of concept”. The main cause of this is that the technology has fundamental drawbacks in the areas of transaction throughput, query expressiveness, privacy, etc.

To overcome these, developers working with Blockchain technologies need to have an in-depth knowledge of the Blockchain protocols to find their way in this ecosystem of ad-hoc solutions. It is known that the learning trajectory to become base level competent with one Blockchain technology typically takes up to 18 months, which has led to the demand for this profile being significantly higher than the expertise available in the job market.

The Blockchain technology’s complexity is therefore holding back disruptive innovations and mainstream adoption. Various companies worldwide have seen this as an opportunity to offer solutions on top of the Blockchain ecosystem that abstract the complexity.

However, these solutions are often either designed for a specific professional activity or industry vertical (e.g. law, payments, food supply chain, energy transmission) or a specific Blockchain technology. This limited expressiveness causes a barrier for further disruptive Innovations and widespread adoption of the technology.

SettleMint saw these drawbacks and steep learning curve to become “Blockchain proficient” as opportunities to deploy a variety of alternative and enabling techniques on top of Blockchain networks to solve for these prevalent shortcomings.

SettleMint’s distributed middleware will allow non-Blockchain experts to develop and integrate accountable and intelligible Blockchain-based applications across business domains and without sacrificing expressiveness.

By enabling non-Blockchain experts to become trustworthy Blockchain developers, businesses can focus on their clients’ journey and design disruptive business model innovations for their own business domain(s).

By using our distributed middleware Mint, you’ll build Blockchain applications in no time.

The template library

Contains everything you need to jumpstart the development of your use case. Experience has taught us that this template library covers roughly 85% of any enterprise use-case.

The zero-configuration REST API and utility services

Processes your smart contracts and generates an application level API supplemented with utility services to query easily, to monitor the state of your system and to integrate it with external systems. This provides an incredible leap in developer experience for your IT team.

The zero-configuration management UI

Configures itself based on the level two API’s and provides a complete blockchain explorer, dynamic management of the objects in your smart contract system (e.g. creating and issuing tokens, managing supply chains, and more) and provides your developers with live documentation of the underlying API’s.

Out-of-the-box functionality in Mint

Mix and match different functionalities to build the Blockchain business solution you are looking for.

Creation & exchanging

of assets

Immutable recording

of assets and data

Tracking & tracing

of assets


assets and voting

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Case studies of what our clients have done with Mint

Elia: Bidladder for tertiary reserves

Bidladder for tertiary reserves

Standard Chartered: Tokenisation of securities

Tokenisation of securities

Standard Chartered
Islamic Development Bank: Sharia compliant financial products

Sharia compliant financial products

Islamic Development Bank